Difference Between Proxy and VPN & Which is better for Watch time

One common question which I have been getting from you guys is, what is the difference between a VPN and a proxy? When to use a proxy, when to use VPN, and which is better. So in this blog, I will try to settle this debate. I’ll try to explain these two technologies to you in very simple terms. And then you would I hope you would be able.

Understanding What is Proxy With Real Life Examples

So friends, let’s take a real-life example to understand this difference. And then we’ll go about understanding the unique capabilities of approximately and a VPN. So suppose there is this country A and there is this secret service within this Country. And an agent from that Secret service. Wants to get some information from Country B and access information specific to Department.
But obviously, Country A cannot directly access Country B because this is banned. This is restrictive information. So what Agent X of Country A does is create a proxy within his own country. And that proxy is nothing but a national of country B. And then this particular proxy uses his, you know, his credential to log in to that specific Department where he was a part of that Department.
proxy and vpn
And tries to get that particular information. And in this particular situation. Although all the information is requested by this particular agent or Secret Service, it seems as if you know this information is being requested by a national of Country B.

Suppose that they want to understand and get some information about the person’s name and Personal addresses of all the employees of this Department, something like that. Okay. So that kind of information is only being, accessed using this particular proxy person who’s actually sitting in the middle of that department. So this is an example of a Proxy.

Understand What is VPN With Real Life Examples

Now in the case of a VPN, if you take Will take a similar example, suppose there is a country A and Agent X and they want to access some information from the Department of country B. What they can do is there could be a third country sitting in the middle, which is country Z,

So when agent X passes on the request that they want, this agent of Country Z transforms this information into a number or a cryptographic, (code that only this particular person sitting here can recognize). So it is hidden when this information is sent over to this particular person in country Z to agent x. The meaning of the message is hidden

So here is what we are hiding. We are not only hiding the user identity, but we are also hiding the Privacy of what data is being been being asked for so that no one can. do some spoofing or look into this particular information.

This is what a proxy and vpn does. So proxy hides your identity, wherein here you not only hide your identity, but you are also hiding the data In transit. So now we will talk about it. The specific architecture and further features of a proxy and vpn.
proxy and vpn

Difference between Proxy and VPN

Which is better for watch time Proxy or VPN

The proxy could be done for very lightweight surfing. You know, maybe you want to access some websites that are blogged or something for that kind of work. Now for wachtime We always recommend proxy because When it comes to IP addresses, there are two sorts of RDP: Private IP RDP and Shared IP RDP. Shared IP RDP is less expensive than private IP RDP. So, what kind of use should be made for 4000 hours of YouTube viewing?
The solution is that you must use a private IP RDP type because if you use a shared IP with others, your views will not be acknowledged if the same user is also watching YouTube. Using a dedicated RDP IP (one that you control) results in a more precise number of views, which results in 4000 hours of faster viewing Now VPN is costlier than a Proxy and Our watchtime RDP can also set up Private proxies in each chrome so explore our watchtime service now.


If you require anonymity, security, and encryption for all your online activities, a VPN is the better choice. It encrypts all your internet traffic, making it a comprehensive solution for privacy and security.
If you need to access geo-restricted content or mask your IP address for specific tasks, a proxy server can be more convenient and cost-effective. Proxies can be faster for specific use cases but do not provide the same level of security as VPNs.

Frequently Asked Questions

The main difference is that a VPN encrypts all your internet traffic and provides a secure connection, while a proxy server only routes specific traffic and may not offer the same level of security.
Yes, it is possible to use a proxy and a VPN together, but it can be complex to set up. This combination can offer additional layers of privacy and security.
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