9 ways to Increase YouTube Watch Time & use of RDP to complete 4000 watch hours

With at least 400 hours of video added to the site every minute, YouTube need an efficient method of ‘judging’ the quality of the video content in order to offer the most relevant results for a search query and/or recommended and suggested videos. YouTube’s platform takes into account a variety of indicators and signals. However, as of late 2012, the number one ranking factor for YouTube is “Watch Time.” Creating material that keeps the viewer engaged throughout – and beyond – the video is now the most crucial aspect in its success.

What is watch time?

The watch time is nothing but the total amount of time that the people have spent watching your video on youtube. If the creators create attractive videos on youtube, then it will be useful to increase viewers’ watchtime. The creators can also come to know about the Watch-Time on YouTube videos. Audience Retention helps measure the percentage of videos people watch on youtube.

Why is watch time important?

YouTube has gone on record multiple times to inform creators that they prefer to rank and promote videos with a large number of views.

Time is ticking. Justin Briggs conducted an industry analysis and discovered a high association between Watch Time and YouTube search ranks.

Given the importance of Watch Time in video optimization, it pays to maximise the Watch Time of your videos.
things you need for watch time

9 Ways to Increase YouTube Watch Time

There are nine ways to increase your tube watch time, and youtube offers different monetization options for users. YouTube monetization is a simple process that is part of the youtube partner program. YouTube has to clear out what types of content are qualified for monetization, so ensure your videos track YouTube’s procedure.

1- Create engaging, entertaining content that viewers watch

If you create engaging and more entertaining content in youtube videos, you can increase the Watch Time of the viewers who watch the videos on youtube. If you make attractive videos, and evergreen content and follow all the information above, you must be able to reach 4000 hours of watch time in a year.

2- Create playlists & drive a linear viewing experience

Making playlists for your YouTube recordings is a method for directing likely watchers toward a more extended survey experience where they observe a greater amount of your best satisfaction. If you utilize the playlist highlight, consider disposing of your video introductions and outros to try not to exhaust watchers, which makes them, quit watching.

3- Choose the right title and thumbnail

Any eager YouTuber’s main goal is to improve their videos’ watch time. Choosing and planning the correct thumbnail on YouTube is so essential. A fingernail is a blank sacking; providing it’s within YouTube’s conditions of service, you can decide on images, colors, text, or everything you’d like.

4- Get more subscribers

Getting all the more free YouTube supporters is the most effective way to boost your natural arrival at the world’s second-biggest site. They knock up your play counts, maximize watch time, and furthermore commit exceptionally significant signs to the YouTube calculation. Figure out how to get individuals to click that Subscribe button and get free genuine YouTube endorsers utilizing simple procedures to develop your channel.

5- Create content based on long-tail YouTube keywords

Long-tail keywords are highly targeted search phrases that particularly serve the searcher target. These keywords normally have less search volume, low contest, and high change rates. When you recognize the search target, you can make content that addresses the question and converts.

6-Listen to Your YouTube audience

Even though you can get the irregular unhelpful ones, remarks provide you with many details about what your viewers like and what they think is lost from your channel. Viewing your eagerness to listen and reply, you’ll communicate assurance and encourage the audience to relate to your brand.

7-Upload videos consistently

If you enclose lately initiate a YouTube Channel, you should be enchanted by it. YouTube offers the best Watch Time goals among huge platforms for video creators to platform their content. However, all at once, it is very significant to post a viral video on your YouTube channel incessantly. Your channel information will fall if you’re not reliable in uploading videos.

8- Host YouTube Live Streams

The creators always post mind-blowing and attractive videos to boost viewership. They also have great ideas to impress the audience by offering them many interesting and effective videos and calculating the Watch Time per stream.

9-Go for Quantity over Quality

Video excellence has a top main concern on YouTube video content. YouTube contented value comes below three-part audio, video, and video cutting. Those two merits can lead to more meetings with the viewers.

What is RDP?

RDP is the short form of the remote desktop or an operating system feature. It is useful to have a Remote Desktop Connection to a computer in another location to see the desktop and interact with it.

How many types of RDP are there?

When it comes to IP addresses, there are two sorts of RDP: Private IP RDP and Shared IP RDP. Shared IP RDP is less expensive than private IP RDP. So, what kind of use should be made of 4000 hours of YouTube viewing?

The solution is that you must use an private IP RDP type, because if you use a shared IP with others, your views will not be acknowledged if the same user is also watching YouTube. Using a dedicated RDP IP (one that you control) results in a more precise number of views, which results in 4000 hours of faster viewing.

How to Track Watch Time in YouTube Analytics?

how to watch youtube metrics
A person can track the watch time on YouTube using a simple tool. This tool is the YouTube Analytics Views Report, where you can get a more detailed video report. That means you can come to know about how many unique viewers watched your video and how many users clicked the like button for your videos.

Extra tips to increase YouTube channel watch hours

If you look for extra tips to increase your youtube channel, watch hours on YouTube, including creating evergreen content for the viewers, host live streams on your youtube channel, upload your videos consistently without any stop, and provide high-quality videos and listen more to your audience.


Therefore it is clear that if you use more strategies and ideas when creating and posting the videos on the youtube channel, you can gain more viewers and more watch hours among YouTube users. It is the best way, and you must work hard to gain more audience for your videos. we at buy-rdp provide a platform to increase watch hours but we can’t guarantee. In the end, it’s your job to increase your watch time


YouTube seats a huge deal of significance on watch time as their most important objective is maintaining an audience on their platform.

It is the total time your video has been watched.

If you watch your videos, it is no use to give likes to them, and youtube knows who the viewers are and the person who gives likes. So, it is useless to give yourself watch time on your tube.

Youtube have also established guidelines for the frequency with which videos are uploaded. According to which, videos must be posted on a regular basis in order to be counted under the YPP programme.

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