How to create additional RDP users from Windows VPS and Dedicated servers?

RDP known as Remote Desktop Protocol has been famous lately because of its effective remote connectivity and access to the data and resources from anywhere and anytime. People are shifting their base and are getting more dependent on tools like Cloud technology, VDI, and RDP. Businesses are looking for optimum ways to function their activities efficiently and more profitably.

With more people turning in to buy RDP, more users are getting added to make the most of this optimum technology. Though for that, you need not buy RDP extra as you can add additional users to your single RDP connection. by just following the simple steps listed below, you can add additional users to your RDP from a Windows VPS or Dedicated Server.

To add additional users to your RDP Connection – 

  1. Firstly, log in to the server as an administrator.
  2. Click on ‘Server Manager’ which you can find on the ‘Start’ tab and then right-click ‘Computer’ and then click ‘Manage’.
  1. Then you will have to expand the ‘Server Manager’ window after which you have to click ‘Configuration’ to configure your user access and then click ‘Local Users and Groups Users’
  1. Once you click ‘Local users and Group users’, you’ll get options, right-click ‘Users’ and then select the ‘New User’ option to create new users for your server.
  1. This brings you to the platform where you will have to fill in all the required new user details like Username and password. It is highly recommended to keep a strong password with a combination of numbers, special characters, alphabets of Uppercase, and Lowercase. You can also customize other properties to enable the user not to change the password or to ensure that the password can never expire. 
  1. Then through that pop-up, you will be at your final destination where you can create the user you want to, by just clicking the button ‘Create’. 
  1. Now to add that user to your RDP connection, you will have to right-click the ‘new user’ and select ‘Properties’ to customize ahead.
  1. Click the ‘Member of” tab and then click add to add the particular user.
  1. After that, you can click on option ‘Advanced’ and then click on ‘Find now’ and then finally click ‘Remote desktop users’ to check the list of the RDP users. Once you are done, click ‘OK.
  1. This will enable the newly added user to be shown in the Member of Tab. Click on ‘OK’ to apply the changes and the new user is added. 

Yes, it is easy to add additional users to your RDP connection. By following the above steps, you can add additional users in a few mins. Even if you’re looking for a cheap RDP solution, we have answers for that too. is the ultimate destination where you can buy RDP at the cheapest of prices and effective features. So, get your hands on the best RDP plans by buy-RDP today.





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