xDedic – Marketplace for Hacked RDP Credentials is Taken Down & Detailed Guide For Securing RDP Against Ransom ware.

The FBI has seized the site and servers of xDedic, a renowned online marketplace where cybercriminals would sell and buy access to compromised servers. In Ukraine, three individuals were also captured. The website has been operational since 2014, however it gained widespread attention after a Kaspersky report was published in June 2016.

According to the research, the site functioned as a registration-based online marketplace where different criminal gangs would either sell or buy hacked servers, which were typically in the form of compromised RDP (Remote Desktop Protocol) accounts.

xDedic: A Significant Source of Hacked Credentials Leading to Ransomware Attacks

Hacked Remote Desktop Protocol credentials obtained from sites such as xDedic have long been suspected of being the source of ransomware attacks. Bruteforce RDP access accounted for nearly 85% of ransomware attacks in Q4. As a supplement to their own brute force tactics, ransomware distribution teams buy access to previously hacked servers. Credentials are available from xDedic for as cheap as $5-10 each.

xDedic's Up and Down History as a Criminal Marketplace

xDedic began in 2014 but was temporarily shut down in 2016 when Kaspersky published a full report on its operations. It reappeared shortly after with a new paywall that required members to pay $50 to join. In order to improve anonymity, the site was also migrated to the Tor network. Despite the fact that this popular marketplace has closed, there are other marketplaces that offer similar services, such as MagBo. Purchasing stolen credentials will most likely shift to other channels, and the RDP assault vector will remain active.

Securing RDP is still critical for defending against ransomware.

Even though a large supply of stolen RDP credentials is no longer available, its impact on ransomware reduction may be negligible. Businesses must continue to take a multi-layered strategy to secure remote access. We suggest the following:
Hacked RDP

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