How to Installed Remote Desktop on Ubuntu Linux


The Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP) is a commonly used network protocol for connecting to computers remotely in Windows environments and managing them. This protocol is suitable for connecting to Windows-based physical and virtual machines. If your computer runs Linux with a graphical user interface (GUI), you can use the remote desktop protocol to configure remote desktop connections from Linux machines to Windows machines via RDP, as well as configuring access from Windows machines to your Linux machines. If necessary, RDP can be used to link Linux machines to other Linux machines.RDP for Ubuntu is an easy way to bind to virtual machines in public clouds like Azure, Amazon EC2, and Google Cloud.

To control Ubuntu remotely, you can use one of three network protocols

    • SSH (Stands for Safe Shell)
    • RDP (Remote Desktop Protocol)
    • VNC (Virtual Network Computing)

In most instances, you’ll need to manually install the Ubuntu remote desktop client on your Ubuntu Linux. Ubuntu 18.04.2 is built on the VMware virtual machine in today’s blog post. Before configuring Ubuntu remote desktop, we need to install a few packages on our Ubuntu: vim, net-tools, and the SSH server (which allows you to link to the Linux console via SSH)

Packages that installed only single command to pass

Sudo apt-get install -y vim net-tools OpenSSH-server

Using Remmina 

Remmina is a free open-source program designed to make system administrators’ lives simpler when it comes to setting up Ubuntu remote desktop connections. Remmina not only supports RDP for Ubuntu, but also VNC, SSH, and SPICE, among other remote desktop protocols. This remote desktop protocol tutorial will show you how to install and configure Remmina as the Ubuntu remote desktop client.

Step 1. Install Remmina 

Step 2. Go to the left side of the Application menu

Step 3. Search option on Upper Part 

Step 4. Search option on


Step 5. Remmina has been identified as the remote desktop client, as can be seen.  

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Step 6. Click into install button

Step 7. Getting Dropdown Option


Step 8. Select Rdp

admin rdp

 Accept the certificate and link to the remote host if the certificate information is shown.

 To log in to the remote host via RDP, enter the RDP authentication credentials and click OK.

 Verify that a user on a Windows machine has RDP permissions.

Step 9. Click the + icon in the top left corner of the Remmina window to create a new connection preset.

 When using Remmina to link to remote Windows or Linux machines, you can set the custom resolution for your Ubuntu RDP session.

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Step 10. Search option on Upper Part 

 Enter the name of your remote desktop Linux to Windows link in the opened window, and choose RDP as the protocol.

 drop-down menu in the Resolution segment below and choose a custom resolution, such as 800×600.

Step 11. Save & finish configuring all of the appropriate link options.

 You can now see the newly added link preset called Windows Server 2008 in Remmina’s main window.

 To link to the selected remote host via RDP from Ubuntu, double-click the preset.

 You won’t need to enter credentials because they’ve already been saved in the present.

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