What is RDP

RDP stands for Remote desktop protocol which is developed by Microsoft technologies to enhance connectivity and at the same time maintain proper security. Many doesn’t know what RDP actually does or how does it function. Well RDP helps you to control other connected computer or system remotely. It allows secured connection and control of computer with full multi-media support through remote connection.

It helps you to reduce costs by employing just the one RDP connection and managing all the connected connections. It also promotes effective connectivity with utmost security, being a universal necessity for all the organizations.

You can connect multiple systems at multiple locations and control them by one place effectively and securely supporting SSL encryption too. All you need to have is a LAN or internet connection to control all your remotely connected devices from one place.

Benefits of RDP

RDP enables you to carry your second computer with the same files and data stored on cloud. So, if you’re traveling or out of your home you can use RDP to carry your data and files with you, anywhere you find internet.

RDP charge up your connection with faster speed as all servers comes with 1GBPS speed at least, enabling you to get support of your RDP connection to download and upload huge files.

It offers an appropriate alternative for VPN services as it poses to be better than that. VPN services only protect your IP address or your identity whereas RDP makes sure that the attackers can’t even reach the system. Max to max only your RDP can get depleted but no harm would be done to any of your connected systems.

You can eliminate all the geographical limitation posed by various websites who deny you access due to geographical limitations. You can quickly get a server to that location and use your connection there easily. You can also operate different offices at different locations using remote desktop connection.

RDP provides a cost-effective option to cut your software licensing costs. You can install them on remote desktop and connect all users to the same server. You can also ensure topmost security by limiting application and or software access.

RDP helps you to resolve all the connectivity issues without compromising to data security and helps you with utmost convenience. You can access your data and files anywhere you want by having an internet or LAN connection. We strongly recommend you to buy RDP services if you travel a lot or you have multiple offices in multiple locations, or you have multiple devices and you don’t want to have individual software licensing costs for them. RDP as discussed before too, gives you ultimate security with your data and files.

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