How to Use Microsoft Remote Desktop On Mac

How to Use Microsoft Remote Desktop On Mac

Microsoft Remote Desktop Connection or RDP has been developed by Microsoft Inc. in order to facilitate remote connections from remote locations. Though it was developed way before, it is turning out to be very useful in these circumstances. Now when Work from home culture is growing at its peak, technologies like RDP play a major role in making this culture possible. RDP has been the biggest boon to connect people from different locations and communicate and access resources effectively. 

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RDP is a Microsoft developed program which enables one windows PC user to control resources of other Windows PC from different location at a different time. For example- if you have an office PC and you want to work from your home, then through RDP you can easily access all the files and resources of your Office Windows PC at your home. This makes RDP very special in these times as this has given people the portability to work from anywhere and anytime with the same sets of resources required. 


Now as RDP is a Windows compliant program, many people face problems in connecting RDP with Mac OS. Though it is very simple, you just have to follow some basic instructions – 

  1. Open your Microsoft Remote Desktop Connection application on the RDP server you are using.
  2. Select the “+” icon.
  3. Select the PC
  4. Then it will ask for PC name where you will have to enter the PC name you want your RDP to connect to. If you’re unable to find your name, you can check on “How to find my computer name”
  5. After the User account appearing, click the drop down to change or see the settings. 
  6. To add user account, Click on Add user account.
  7. Fill in your Domain/username provided by your RDP service provider.
  8. Fill in the password given by your service provider.
  9. After setting it, click save.
  10. You can enter your PC name for friendly name.
  11. Change the setting by clicking on No gateway option.
  12. Then, Add gateway from the drop down.
  13. Type in the server name given by your service provider.
  14. Select User PC account for User account option.
  15. A list will appear, from where you will have to select your username.
  16. Click Add, after that again click Add.
  17. Then to start your connection, Double click on your Mac PC tile you have listed before.
  18. See certificate, by clicking Show certificate.
  19. Click on Always trust to prevent this warning appearing again and again for that Mac PC specified.
  20.  Then finally click Continue.

This will enable your RDP to connect with your MAC computer. You can buy cheap RDP from is a trusted brand specifically in the Cheap RDP sector, and you will be availed with the best of features at lowest of prices. Contact today to get your hands on these super cheap RDPs today.

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