Difference between Basic, Admin, Encoding and private RDP

RDP refers to Remote Desktop Protocol which facilitates access to resources from different or remote locations. One device can control the resources of other’s devices using RDP. RDP becomes a very useful tool when it comes to connecting different users at different locations.

It also helps to monitor and coordinate the functioning of the workforce in a similar direction, ultimately making your business more productive. Many businesses today buy RDP in order to facilitate their employee’s work from different locations. RDP is supported for almost all versions of windows and is also accessible from multiple devices like laptops, PC, iPad, phones, etc. 

When people buy RDP, they usually come across four different types of RDP

  • Basic RDP
  • Admin RDP
  • Encoding RDP
  • Private RDP

Basic RDP 

  • Basic RDP by its name, is the basic or starter of RDP services, where you are not allotted many resources. Here you are also not allowed to have admin access. So, if you want to install any software, you would have to contact your service provider. 
  • You are also not allowed to install Hacking/BOT/VPN software.
  • Bulk mailing, encoding, gaming server, botting is also banned.
  • Video streaming along with OBS and Xsplit is banned too. 

Admin RDP

  • Admin RDP users are allowed admin access i.e. they can install software on their own. So, you can have your own resources but with several restrictions.
  • Though there are also some other restrictions using Admin RDP like, installing DDOS/Hacking/VPN software. 
  • You only have the Admin power but not the control over PC settings. 
  • Bulk mailing, Hitleap, encoding, gaming servers, botting are not allowed with Admin RDP.
  • Admin RDP also lacks access to OBS, Xsplit.

Encoding RDP

  • Encoding Admin RDP has the access to install and do work that requires admin’s permissions. You are your own admin here and can enable resources as per your need.
  • Encoding RDP is generally used for video editing, video conversions, fast uploads, and downloads. It is useful for movie uploaders and torrent freaks.  
  • Here too, DDOS/Hacking/VPN software is not allowed.
  • Encoding slots are also limited so that to enhance the encoding speed and performance. 
  • Video editing tools and software like Camtasia are allowed to be used.
  • Here also OBS, Xsplit, and video streaming are not allowed.  

Private RDP

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  • Private RDP is the most powerful RDP which avails you full administrator rights. You can do anything on your RDP. You can install any software you want. 
  • You can run your BOT, BTC core, File transfer, host a website, automate traffic, upload and download, go torrenting, run macros, and many other functions 24/7 on a private RDP.
  • You are also allowed Hitleap, jingling with full administrator access. 
  • You are also availed of a dedicated IP address where your RDP servers are not shared with other users. 
  • There are a few limitations like you can use only one BOT at a time or you cannot make a new User-account, but still, it provides almost all the features one would want from an RDP.


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