Best ways to fix black screen errors

RDP or the Remote Desktop Protocol is the new generation’s important tool as it facilitates remote connections from different locations. People buy RDP to connect their devices with their host’s connection in order to access resources remotely. People also buy RDP to have control over other’s resources and functioning. 

RDP is used widely among most of the businesses today. It has been very effective because of its features and connectivity. But still, there are some issues experienced by the people who buy RDP. Many users face a black screen error in many versions of windows which can sometimes also crash and disconnect their RDP.

There can be several reasons for that to happen but in this blog, we are going to let you know some of the reliable ways to troubleshoot these black screen errors – 

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1.Update your RDP client

Updating your RDP client certainly removes the bugs existing. So, we would strongly recommend to check for updates regularly and perform the same at the right time. 

2.Update your Windows

It’s always healthy to have the latest windows version running your RDP. So, check for updates if it is available and help your RDP run on the latest Windows version possible.


3. Open Task Manager

One of the options to get away from your black screen errors could be using the shortcut keys Ctrl+shift+esc which will automatically take you to your Task manager. You can troubleshoot your problems later too.

4.Decrease your Screen Resolution

Sometimes, black screen errors can also be the effect of the strong resolution of your display. So right-click on your Desktop, go to the Display Settings, and click the recommended or maybe lower than recommended resolution. Most of it may also depend on the system configuration.

5. Eliminate Bitmap caching

Bitmap caching generally happens from the cache memory generated from your PC’s resources and is stored in your RDP client. This may also lead to slowing down your system and ultimately black screen errors. To eliminate your bitmap caching produced, open your RDP client and under the experience tab, disable Persistent bitmap caching.

 6.Update the GPU drivers

Updating your GPU drivers could most probably manage your issues. All you would have to do is go to your Device Manager, Double-click the display adaptors, and right-click on your graphic card to update it. After updating, reboot your PC to connect with the RDP client again.

7. Enable SFC scans

SFC is the System File Checker scans that scan your whole computer and derive any corrupted files present. SFC scans help to scan and eliminate all the corrupted files from your computer. To enable that, you would have to open the command prompt with admin rights and type the command below. This process may take time. Restart your computer once the scan is processed.

These are some of the general ways used by people who buy RDP and faces black screen errors. To find offers of cheap RDP, browse through BuyRDP to get some of the best-in-class RDP products.  

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