Basics of an RDP connection

Basics of an RDP connection

Remote Desktop Connection known as RDP has been in the news lately. With businesses going virtual and with more and more needs of running remotely, RDP connections have regained its demand in the market. Going through the basics,

what is actually RDP? Why do people buy RDP?

RDP by its name is a remote connection that allows a computer to access another computer at different locations. This means that through RDP, one can access each and every resource including the controls of the mouse and keyboards of another computer from any location and at any time.

For instance, if you have a light workload and you have to work from your home too. But you won’t have your office computer and its resources at your home. So, you can use RDP here to create a remote connection between your office computer and your home computer to access all of its resources and work as if it is your office computer.

Businesses generally buy RDP to monitor their employee’s functioning and to also guide them through. It becomes a very useful tool when it comes to connecting different connections at different locations. Businesses with multiple employees can make the most of RDP by connecting it with all of its members. 

To buy RDP and to enable it is not a complex job. All you would need to do is connect both the connections to the same local area network. You can also connect through the Internet, but in that case, you have to make sure that the host connection’s IP address is public. All the versions from Windows7, Windows 8, and Windows 10 support RDP connections. 


  • RDP uses efficient security tools like RC4 cipher to secure communications over a network and encrypt data. 
  • People buy RDP to reduce the amount of data transmitted over network connections. 
  • The RDP user can configure applications on the local computer between sessions. 
  • Applications on an RDP connection can allow the connected device’s printer to function. So, you can print your document from anywhere you want. 
  • New applications can also be developed to facilitate the virtual connections between the client device and the application on the RDP device.
  • People also buy RDP to make the most of its Network Load balancing (NLB) feature.
  • RDP supports 24-bit color. 
  • Uses reduced bandwidth to improve performance between low-speed dial-up connections. 
  • It also contains the ability to direct special windows key combinations and perform functions to the local connection having RDP.
  • It redirects all the functions like Sound, port, drive, and a network printer.  
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RDP is basically known for the control it offers. With the ultimate control over the host connection’s resources, other connections can perform multiple actions even from different locations. Through RDP, all your projects and plans can be accessed by your other teammates. So now your teammates can connect from their home too and perform as productively as they would’ve performed from their offices

It would be very feasible to buy RDP now as with the work-from-home culture developing worldwide, technologies like RDP are very useful to facilitate and control connections from remote locations.  

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