Add a new user and configure Remote Desktop User’s Group settings

Remote Desktop Protocol provides the most general way to remotely control a Windows server. By default, Liquid Web’s Windows servers only allow the members of the administrators’ community remote desktop access. The Remote Desktop Users community, however, also gives its members access to securely link to the server via RDP (Remote Desktop Protocol). buy rdp

Step 1. Right-click the Start Menu button 

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Step 2. Select Computer management Option 


Step 3. Open Computer management

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Step 4. Go to Local Users and Group 

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Step 5. After that Select a User Option 

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Step 6. Click on the user than Select new user 

cheap rdp If the user is created, you can go to the left pane in the Local Users and Groups window, select the Groups folder, and then double-click the Remote Desktop Users Party.   Apply. Press Add. Then, you can enter the name of the session you have just built in the specified field in the Select Users window. Tap on Check Names next to it and as an indicator that the individual was identified and approved, the name would be underlined.  

Step 7. Click the Search Names button and the name is highlighted as an indicator that the entry has been approved.

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Step 8. Click OK and you’re done

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